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Rakurri Brush Tip Generator V1

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Substance Player is sadly not available on all Linux distros. My hopes are to make a version 2 in the future that uses Blender when its new texturing features arrive.

This generator is specially made for brush makers. The brush tip generated can be used in any program! This product is more advanced than my others, so feel free to contact me if you're having problems or questions! I'm @Rakurri on most platforms!

You can find also find me on the Brush Haven Discord server:

A view of the generator opened in Substance Player:

I want to develop it further down the line when I get more time, but I thought it was worth sharing even in an early stage, as the variety of brush tips that can be made is already wide!


1 Substance 3D asset file

1 Zip file of example tips

How to use:

  1. Download the Substance 3D asset file named "Rakurri Brush Tip Generator"
  2. Download Substance Player, this app can be downloaded for free here:
  3. Open the Substance 3D asset file named "Rakurri Brush Tip Generator"
  4. Open the menus "Shape", "Warp", "Distort" and "Blur" and tweak the sliders to your heart's content! The final result should be displayed on the right side
  1. When you are done click the "Export as Bitmap" button (the one with a camera). Change the format to png. You can click the "Browse..." button next to the Folder field to choose where to export the brush tip!

Future plans:

  • More parameters to make even more kinds of brush tips
  • Ability to make RGBA brushes
  • A Blender version, as Substance Player from what I've heard, isn't available for all Linux distros, and because Substance now is part of Adobe which I want to move away from
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Substance 3D asset file containing the Brush Tip Generator

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Rakurri Brush Tip Generator V1

15 ratings
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