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Rakurri Brush Set V2 for Krita 5 (2.1 update out now!)

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Thank you so much for all the support on my first brush set!
This set is specially made for stylized drawings, though it contains brushes that can be useful for other styles as well. I am eager to continue providing free updates to this new brush set so that it can be a pillar to your stylized work!

2.1 features 4 new categories of brushes and brushes for existing categories - a total of 86 additional brushes! A full total of 215!

Showcase video:


Blending brushes

Drawing and Painting Brushes

Pixel Art Brushes

Foliage Brushes

Fur and Hair Brushes

Spray Brushes

Filter Brushes

"Liquify" Brushes

Stars and glitter brushes

Brushes that are focused on colour

Guide brushes

And much more to come!

Installation in Krita:

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Press “Manage Resources Libraries...”

3. Press “Import”

4. Select the .bundle file

5. Make sure "Rakurri Brush Set V2.1" shows up in the list and is highlighted with a white box around it, if it is not, click on it and press "Activate"

6. Press “close” when you are done!

Tilt support/If the brushes do not work as showcased in the videos:

Most of my brushes are based on tilt support because that is a feature I really enjoy using! The negative side of this, is that they will not work well on some tablets and screen devices that does not support it! But there is a way to make them work! Here is a quick tutorial on how to convert the brushes to work decent without having tilt support:

  1. First go to the “Edit brush settings” icon in the top bar or press F5, then enter the “Rotation” settings.
  2. Turn on “Drawing angle”, and then turn off “Tilt direction”!
  3. If you wish, you can click “Overwrite Brush” to make these changes permanent!
  4. Some brushes that rely on tilt elevation for their size can not be fixed this way.

This Brush Set is made so that I can do everything with it, so it will also include essential brushes that might be tweaked variations to some of Krita's defaults, like airbrushes and so on! There are mostly unique brushes though, like a tiltable grass brush, great blenders, expressive bristle brushes, unique pixel art brushes and much more!

If you miss any of the brushes from V.1, send me a message and I will make a little bundle with converted versions with nice new icons that matches V.2 for you! ❤

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215 Brushes for Krita 5

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Rakurri Brush Set V2 for Krita 5 (2.1 update out now!)

348 ratings
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